singer (plural: singers)

  1. person who sings, is able to sing, or earns a living by singing
  2. (square dance) dance figure with a fixed structure, sung by a caller, or a piece of music with that structure. See square dance singer.

6 letters in word "singer": E G I N R S.

Anagrams of singer:

Words found within singer:

egis en eng engs ens er erg ergs ering ern erns ers es gen gens gi gie gien gies gin gins girn girns gis grein gren grens grin grins gris grise in ins ire ires is ne neg negs nie nies niger nis re reg regs rei reign rein reins reis ren renig rens res resin rig rigs rin rine rines ring rings rins rinse rise risen seg segni sei seir sen sengi ser serin si sien sign sin sine sing singe sir sire siren snig sri

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